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39a David Hume

For ages they did nothing and now around 1650 - 1750 they are observing, experimenting, analysing, defining laws of nature, come up with mathematical laws of movement, calculate the movement of planets in a heliocentric universe...

What is going on? There is a tremendous explosion of new science and the philosophers surf on the same wave.

John Locke used the scientific approach on the mind, observing...analysing. And David Hume continued this project. He too comes with an analysis of what goes on in the mind.

Like Locke he divides the mental perceptions in ideas (thoughts) and impressions (senstions and feelings).And then he explains the relation between the two.

You see a red tomato....that is an impression. A few days later you remember seeing a red tomato. What is in your mind then is an idea. It is less lively than the impression.

Next Hume notes several mental facilities that are repsonsible for producing our various ideas. We have a memory from which we fetch ideas on the one hand and on the other hand we have our imagination with which we combine and mix ideas.

And in our imagination it can go two ways: pure fantasy..mixing ideas into weird things like pink elephants. These ideas are a source of superstition and bad philosophy.The good ideas are derived from a faculty called understanding - or reason.

What was completely new in Hume's apporach was that he focused on the development of a real naturalistic philosophy. There was no Deus ex machina who solved all epistemological problems. There is just the human mind.

Hume's live therefore never had a dull moment. He was constantly in conflict with the clergy. Didnt get jobs because he was an infidel.

There are three issues I want to deal with in the next lecture: causality, induction and the self.

For today you must excuse me. I cant concentrate due to RL events....

A non philosophical discussion (^_^)

[13:17] Herman Bergson: I just heard today that I have the option to retire...say goodbye to my job with a good pension, which means I be can here every day then..:-) And I am only 58 now..:-)
[13:17] Ze Novikov: are congratulations in order?
[13:17] Herman Bergson: YESSSSS!! Ze (^_^)
[13:17] AristotleVon Doobie: hmmm well?
[13:17] Sian Revnik: ;-)
[13:17] Osrum Sands: Put the class off for a day if you wish
[13:17] Herman Bergson: Irt really ruined my focus...I have to recover from the joyful perspective so next Sunday we'll continue as usual.
[13:17] Ze Novikov: bravo then!!!
[13:17] Herman Bergson: Dont get me wrong...I love my RL job ..I love my students there, I love teaching. Nothing wrong with that, but when someone offers you a permanent vacation, while I still have so many would you feel??
[13:17] AristotleVon Doobie: too much adrenaline
[13:17] Laila Schuman: smilingggggggg
[13:17] Cailleach Shan: DO IT HERMAN!!!
[13:18] Zen Arado: are you happy about it?
[13:18] Osrum Sands: enjoyu
[13:18] SALDOG Brezoianu: gone fishing
[13:18] Herman Bergson: How I feel....well....not able to concentrate on this lecture at the moment. I hope you will excuse me for this unique moment in RL life.
[13:18] Sian Revnik: perhaps you are still in shock
[13:18] Osrum Sands: and celebrate
[13:18] Manfred Pessoa smiles
[13:18] Herman Bergson: It was annonced today in a meeting...
[13:18] AristotleVon Doobie: You can embark on the new leading edge method of education.
[13:18] Rasana Destiny: : )
[13:19] Rodney Handrick: That's true Ari
[13:19] Osrum Sands: now you can do that Phd in new education
[13:19] itsme Frederix: Herman, I think I would go for it ... but there is a thought am I less nessecary, do they not need me anymore, and like those - I think you know what I mean
[13:19] Herman Bergson: Yes never know..
[13:19] AristotleVon Doobie: You will have thousands of students right here
[13:20] Herman Bergson: No Itsme...that thought is alien to me
[13:20] Manfred Pessoa: the end or a new beginning herman ??
[13:20] itsme Frederix: Oke, then no problem I guess
[13:20] Cailleach Shan: Always a new beginning..
[13:20] Herman Bergson: Right manfred..a new beginnning...
[13:20] AristotleVon Doobie: Life's doors are double hinged until the end.
[13:21] Herman Bergson: My wife and I had planned to move to Amsterdam again when I retire..
[13:21] Zen Arado: One door closes another door opens
[13:21] Osrum Sands: coffee ???? hahaha
[13:21] Herman Bergson: yes Zen..
[13:21] AristotleVon Doobie: Good news, Herman
[13:21] Herman Bergson: nice metaphor
[13:21] Ninjah Valeeva: You must feel lost
[13:22] Ze Novikov: so will you now be moving?
[13:22] Cailleach Shan: I am very happy for you Herman... a chance to explore whole new worlds..
[13:22] Rodney Handrick: true
[13:22] Herman Bergson: I am really sorry the discussion is about me
[13:22] AristotleVon Doobie: ok, ok, how will it affect our class?
[13:22] Rodney Handrick: no problem
[13:22] Sian Revnik: no worries
[13:22] Osrum Sands: well we do come to discuss Philosophers
[13:22] Zen Arado: I retired early and have never regretted it
[13:22] Osrum Sands: and thats you
[13:22] itsme Frederix: Welll welcome again to sl Herman, you are a teacher thats proven - take you change and give us also some benefits
[13:23] Osrum Sands: same here Herman out of the full time work force is good
[13:23] Herman Bergson: Dont wont afect our class at all ..on the contrary..
[13:23] Osrum Sands: if you can work it
[13:23] AristotleVon Doobie: great
[13:23] Osrum Sands: lets you get on with your life work
[13:23] itsme Frederix: well you might go on long hollyday - without internet a.s.
[13:24] Cailleach Shan: Come and visit New Zealand Herman...
[13:24] Herman Bergson: It means I get tons of time to start a series on systematic subjects..
[13:24] Herman Bergson: YEAH..Cailleach..
[13:24] hope63 Shepherd: what would be your primary subject?
[13:24] itsme Frederix: When my father ritered he was pretty soon aware he never had it that busy as then!
[13:24] AristotleVon Doobie: so you will contirne with Hume at next class, you know I am very fond of Hume
[13:25] Rodney Handrick: ah visit america Herman!
[13:25] Osrum Sands: it is a true wealth to own your own time
[13:25] Herman Bergson: Yes..I have to do a beter job on Hume than I did today Aristotle
[13:25] AristotleVon Doobie: you have a justifiable excuse today Prof
[13:25] Sian Revnik: I do want to hear about Hume sometime soon
[13:25] Cailleach Shan: Hume will still be there next time...
[13:25] Sian Revnik: interested particularly in causality
[13:25] Herman Bergson: thank you Aristotle..
[13:26] Zen Arado: David Hume was the greatest philosopher, some say
[13:26] Sian Revnik: yep no problem can wait
[13:26] Herman Bergson: you wont believe how hard it was to write the lecture today
[13:26] AristotleVon Doobie: I bet
[13:26] Herman Bergson: I really couldnt focus..had no inspiration at all
[13:26] itsme Frederix: well at leat this proves sl is real life to
[13:26] AristotleVon Doobie: :)
[13:27] Rodney Handrick: True Itsme
[13:27] Osrum Sands: what do you mean that your a real human being there Prof ?
[13:27] Herman Bergson: well...dont worry..this only happens once in a lifetime..:-)
[13:27] Ninjah Valeeva: Herman, we will wait you
[13:27] Cailleach Shan: Retirement will certain help that state Herman....
[13:27] Osrum Sands: getting distracted by big and important things in your life
[13:27] itsme Frederix: is no obligation Herman
[13:28] Rodney Handrick: Nope, retirement happens more than once...
[13:28] Cailleach Shan: We should dance today instead of studying..!!!
[13:28] AristotleVon Doobie: boogie down
[13:28] Sian Revnik: good plan!
[13:28] Herman Bergson: yes..:-)
[13:28] Cailleach Shan: YAY... LET'S DANCE HERMAN..
[13:28] Manfred Pessoa smells a party is at hand ...
[13:28] Herman Bergson: And rodney do you retire more than once?
[13:28] Rodney Handrick: HA HA HA HA HA
[13:28] itsme Frederix: are there party beast here
[13:29] SALDOG Brezoianu: I am from Milwaukee :)
[13:29] Rodney Handrick: military, employment, death
[13:29] Ninjah Valeeva: We could see the tarot ?
[13:29] Rodney Handrick: Bring the BEER Saldog
[13:30] SALDOG Brezoianu: I will bring a Brewery
[13:30] Sian Revnik: I'd better go...big review meeting tomorrow - RL again!
[13:30] Rodney Handrick: HA HA HA HA HA
[13:30] Herman Bergson: Ah..yes you are right rodney I'll retire a second :-)
[13:30] Zen Arado: maybe there is no such thing as retirement you just change to something else more rewarding
[13:30] Herman Bergson: Hope to see you again Sian..
[13:30] Sian Revnik: sure will...
[13:30] Osrum Sands: thats if you are freeded to do you real work !
[13:30] Sian Revnik: good luck and bye for now
[13:30] Rodney Handrick: I can agree with that Zen
[13:31] Zen Arado: you aren't a wage slave any longer
[13:31] Ninjah Valeeva: God bye Herman ! See you soon !
[13:31] Herman Bergson: that i svery true Zen..that is how I feel..
[13:31] itsme Frederix: Oke Herman - have a nice evening - enjoy it, think about it - and see you next sunday
[13:31] Herman Bergson: BYe Ninjah
[13:31] Herman Bergson: Ok Itsme..:-)
[13:32] Herman Bergson: Something like that Hope..:-)
[13:32] Zen Arado: what did Sartre say about freedom?
[13:32] Zen Arado: Forced to be free
[13:33] Herman Bergson: yes indeed Zen...
[13:33] Herman Bergson: an Etre pour soi
[13:33] Zen Arado: sometimes we are a little bit scared of being dug out of groove
[13:33] Cailleach Shan: Freedom is in the
[13:33] hope63 Shepherd: yes. from now on you have to weld your chains yourself:)
[13:33] Rodney Handrick: the mind
[13:33] Osrum Sands: as I said true wealth is owning your own time
[13:34] Herman Bergson: right Osrum...
[13:34] Herman Bergson: so right
[13:34] Laila Schuman: and being healthy
[13:34] Zen Arado: your health is the main thing
[13:34] hope63 Shepherd: better make a profit of it too os.. one can loose on that wealth..
[13:34] Osrum Sands: funny when you dont have to go to work Life can be lived with very little money
[13:34] SALDOG Brezoianu: early to bed early to rise
[13:34] Herman Bergson: yes Laila...that was the main goal of Descartes philosophy actually
[13:35] Herman Bergson: and he is so right on that
[13:35] Osrum Sands: Time can be spent but never saved
[13:36] Zen Arado: was Hobbes an empirical philosopher to0?
[13:36] Herman Bergson: well..I think it isnt a bad thing you have a day off intense discussion..:-)
[13:36] Rodney Handrick: How do you define time?
[13:36] Zen Arado: wasn't he around the same time as Hume?
[13:36] Herman Bergson: YEs Hobbes was
[13:37] Zen Arado: did you study much political philosophy Herman?
[13:38] Herman Bergson: No...I specialized in logic, epistemology and philosophy of science
[13:38] Zen Arado: I see
[13:38] Herman Bergson: so my class is focussed on that perspective..
[13:38] Zen Arado: yes I thought you had studied philosophy of mind
[13:39] Herman Bergson: thesis was on the mind - body problem..
[13:39] Herman Bergson: the identity thesis of Feigl
[13:39] Zen Arado: yes the last time I came we were studying Descartes
[13:39] hope63 Shepherd: one day you should tell us about your conclusions you made in your thesis herman..
[13:39] Herman Bergson: and the materialist theory of mind of J.J. Smart
[13:40] Osrum Sands: by all you enjoy and celebrate there Prof
[13:40] Zen Arado: philosophy is such a wide discipline you could never know all of the
[13:41] Herman Bergson: Well..teaching this class is a terrific redoing of my studies...
[13:41] Rodney Handrick: Now, all you have to do is hit the lottery!
[13:41] Herman Bergson: and I get so many new insights..
[13:41] Zen Arado: did you ever read Richard Rorty?
[13:42] Herman Bergson: no...doesnt ring a bell
[13:42] Rodney Handrick: I've heard of Rorty although I've never read his work
[13:42] Zen Arado: he's an American philosopher
[13:42] Herman Bergson: contemporary?
[13:42] Zen Arado: he wrote ' the mirror of nature'
[13:42] Zen Arado: he just died last year I think
[13:42] Manfred Pessoa: they have philosofers in america now ? (teases)
[13:43] Zen Arado: he was very controversial
[13:43] Herman Bergson:
[13:43] Rodney Handrick: yes they do...and good ones I might add
[13:43] Manfred Pessoa: hehe
[13:43] Manfred Pessoa: just kidding
[13:43] Cailleach Shan: Sure Manfred... don't ever forget Snoopy
[13:43] Herman Bergson: Quine was a brilliant mind
[13:43] AristotleVon Doobie: well I am a 'dimestore' philosopher
[13:43] Herman Bergson: and dont forget Donald Duck too
[13:43] hope63 Shepherd: couldn't be a philospher nor american if he wasn't controversial:)
[13:44] Zen Arado: one about John Rawls?
[13:44] Cailleach Shan: lol
[13:44] Rodney Handrick: How can you be dimestore with a name like Aristotle?
[13:44] Manfred Pessoa: oh wow funny you should mention dimestore aristotle ... it was in a lou reed song ... what is a dime store actually ?
[13:44] hope63 Shepherd: woolworth?
[13:45] AristotleVon Doobie: doesnt exist anymore they have become dollar generals
[13:45] Rodney Handrick: true
[13:45] SALDOG Brezoianu: dollar = a dime now anayways
[13:45] AristotleVon Doobie: yes
[13:45] Manfred Pessoa: always learn something new :-)
[13:46] Ze Novikov: so herman how will you celebrate this great event ?
[13:46] hope63 Shepherd: thats what class is for manfred:)
[13:46] Herman Bergson: Well..dear sunday I'll be sober
[13:46] Rodney Handrick: Any philosophers that deal with the concepts of the monetary system?
[13:46] Manfred Pessoa: haha herman
[13:46] Ze Novikov: Ze nods
[13:46] hope63 Shepherd: LOL.. OUDE GENEVWER?
[13:47] Rodney Handrick: Wakeup Ze
[13:47] Herman Bergson: Ze..I am sober now..was just a
[13:47] Ze Novikov: lol
[13:47] Zen Arado: they say Hume influenced Adam Smith!
[13:48] Manfred Pessoa: a sober professor ?? thats like an american philospher right ??? =-)
[13:48] Herman Bergson: Yes I think he did indeed
[13:48] Herman Bergson: manfred..stop
[13:48] Rodney Handrick: Really...didn't know...I'm not a fan of Adam Smith
[13:48] Zen Arado: what's wrong with him?
[13:48] hope63 Shepherd: gaudeamus igitur...
[13:48] Zen Arado: I don't know anything about him
[13:49] Zen Arado: except that he was an economist
[13:49] SALDOG Brezoianu: can anything be 100% true? (universality)
[13:49] Ze Novikov: and an ethicist
[13:49] Herman Bergson: maybe a realtion with utilitarianism
[13:49] Anna Adamant is Online
[13:49] Zen Arado: oh
[13:49] hope63 Shepherd: a 100% proof yes. but true no..
[13:50] Rodney Handrick: Some of his views I feel are devicise
[13:50] SALDOG Brezoianu: I think I found 100 % truth
[13:50] Cailleach Shan: Hahaha Hope... into the Chilean plonk..
[13:50] Ze Novikov: lol
[13:50] Zen Arado: didn't Hume influence later utilitarians?
[13:50] Zen Arado: I seem to remember that dimly
[13:50] Herman Bergson: I think he was one of the first..
[13:51] hope63 Shepherd: lol... cal.. the worst of the whole story is that decided to drink mineral water for class.. have to catch up in a minute..
[13:51] Zen Arado: I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions HERMAN
[13:51] hope63 Shepherd: zen.. you are a naturalé philosopher.. asking questions..
[13:51] Zen Arado: some people don't like it!
[13:52] Ze Novikov gave you Dom Perignon.
[13:52] Herman Bergson: smiles
[13:52] Ze Novikov: lol
[13:52] Herman Bergson: thnx Ze
[13:52] Ze Novikov: yvw
[13:52] Higher Rang: yes
[13:52] Zen Arado: I have been studying some Buddhist philosophy lately
[13:53] Herman Bergson: Hello Higher
[13:53] Zen Arado: a guide called nAGARJUNA
[13:53] Higher Rang: good evening sir
[13:53] Zen Arado: a guy called Nagarjuna
[13:53] Herman Bergson: It is a bit of a mess here now..Higher
[13:53] Cailleach Shan: Have to go Herman.... ((hug)) Congratulations on your new 'third' life...
[13:54] Herman Bergson: Thnx caileach
[13:55] Higher Rang: please sir Bergson?
[13:55] Rasana Destiny: well congradulations on your new outlook i must go have a great day
[13:55] Higher Rang: may i enter the group too?
[13:55] Herman Bergson: Bye Rasabna
[13:55] Herman Bergson: Rasana
[13:55] Rodney Handrick: Bye everyone....
[13:55] Higher Rang: i dont know if i can be present a lot
[13:55] Ze Novikov: bb
[13:55] Zen Arado: bye
[13:55] Higher Rang: good bye
[13:56] Zen Arado: Ill give you a break and go too :)
[13:56] hope63 Shepherd: now that you have so much more time herman i better start reading lasker: openings lol
[13:57] Herman Bergson: ah,,hope...yes that
[13:58] Manfred Pessoa: ok time to go ..... congratulations on your new perspectives herman .... and ... euhm be sober on sunday
[13:59] Manfred Pessoa: goodevening all
[13:59] Herman Bergson: lol..I will manfred..
[14:00] hope63 Shepherd: if you don't feel sober herman.. just tell one of the students to take the chair and develop his ideas.. and you sit with us and have fun..
[14:01] hope63 Shepherd: ( not me of course..i'm rarely sober that time of the nifght lol)
[14:01] Herman Bergson: good idea Hope..:-)
[14:01] SALDOG Brezoianu: Well I have to run along now. Congrats Professor Bergson and take care all. See you soon.
[14:01] Herman Bergson: Bye Saldog
[14:01] AristotleVon Doobie: Herman I am very happy for you, I will see you Sunday then.
[14:01] Herman Bergson: Yes Aristorle..we will be there full armor..:-)
[14:02] AristotleVon Doobie: Goodbye all.
[14:05] Higher Rang: bye mr
[14:05] Higher Rang: thank you
[14:05] jaz123 Trilling is Online
[14:05] Higher Rang: good evening all
[14:06] Ninjah Valeeva: Good evening Herman
[14:06] Ninjah Valeeva: Good evening all
[14:06] Herman Bergson: bye NInjah..nice you were in class again
[14:06] Ninjah Valeeva: Yes
[14:07] Ninjah Valeeva: Today i understand very much more english
[14:07] Ze Novikov: bb everyone must switch over to Rl for a time ..
[14:07] hope63 Shepherd: herman.. my regards to your wife.. i hope she can handle the situation with you around all the time:)
[14:07] Ninjah Valeeva: i have learned english then i can follow your class
[14:08] Herman Bergson: Hope dont know what you are talking about..:-)
[14:08] Herman Bergson: She hates to see me go each day..:-)
[14:08] hope63 Shepherd: lol.. on the contrary.. i have already gonme though that situation..

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