Tuesday, January 13, 2015

559: Not every question is a real question

What has happened in Paris yesterday, forces us to think about it again, what goes on in a human mind, that motives him to commit such crimes?
When we are dealing with psychopaths, serial killers, kleptomanes, sex criminals, we have a legion of psychiatrist, who claim they can treat them.
Our prison system  has special psychiatric programs for such people, but when three men murder 12 people in cold blood yelling “Allah Akbar” we are at a loss.
These criminals aren’t all of a sudden no psychiatric patients, but terrorists or more specific religious fanatics. So, in fact normal human beings with a religious twist.
Dawkins is pretty extreme in his ideas. He calls religion a virus, that makes our mind ill, in fact. In other words, I guess you might say, that religion is a disease in his opinion.
But that is not what I find interesting philosophically. That is just a conclusion of an analysis. And what I want is to dig into that analysis, the method of how to get to these conclusions.
The point is that a debate between an atheist and a believer makes no sense at all, leads to nothing. They both want to convince the other of their rightness.
That is not what I find worth while to waste your time on. What I am wondering about  is  the question “WHY is there atheism?”
In our youth we may have listened to many fairy tales. Even got scared in the dark, because the evil witch could be hiding behind that door……
But yet, there is not something heavily debates like “awitchism” or “agnomism”. Ok, your father of mother read the the tales for you from a thick book, but they were just fairy tales.
Now we can ponder about the question “Do gnomes and fairies exist?” You’d better not use this question in Google, for then you get at least 389.00 hits within 0.19 seconds.
Compare that with the search key “Atheism”. There you only get 371.000 hits in 0.39 seconds. Really, these are all such peculiar observations.
Let’s study these two questions:  “Do gnomes and fairies exist?” and “Do god or gods or God exist?”.  The first one you look at with a smile.
The second one however strikes quite an other chord and yet these are two equivalent questions. And that is my first point in how I look at atheism.
Syntax refers to the actual way in which words and sentences are placed together in the writing. When I write my LSL scripts I occasionally get a “syntax error in line..” warning.
It means, that I didn’t put together the words in such away that it represented proper information for the computer, or actually compiler.
The sentence "The man drives the car" would follow normal syntax in the English language. By changing the syntax to "The car drives the man", the sentence becomes peculiar
Now, let me ask you: “Does the petrapolus walk around with a pristy or a padapoy?” I guess you would frown. At least you woud understand, that I ask a question.
The syntax of my statement  tells you that, but what am I asking? “petropulus”, “pristy”, “padapoy”, what should those words mean?
No idea, but you still know, that it is a question. You would smile and just ask…what should those words mean? I would answer:
I don’t know, I just made them up, but it IS a real question, so, I thought, maybe you have an answer (just joking:-)
In other words, you can put words together in a syntactical correct order by which they form a question, but the content of the question can make no sense as in mine.
And in that sense, the question “Do god or gods or God exist?” is syntactically correct and contrary to my question, this question is seriously debated.
Well most of the time the question “Does God exist?”, but what I observe in this debate is, that nobody seems to bother about its content.
That is, it seems that the content seems completely lucid and obvious and when you ask Google, you’ll get at least 193.000.000 hits in 0.50 seconds.
Have you ever wondered about the amount of implied answers the question “Does God exist?” assumes?
Thank you… ^_^

The Discussion

herman Bergson: So....the issue of today is...
Daruma Boa: and that gives e the hope, that peeps believe in miracles
Daruma Boa: and that things beyond our imagination can happen
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): :-)
herman Bergson: that when a sentence has a proper syntactical structure, it does not yet mean that the sentence has meaning
herman Bergson: So…the question "Does god exist?" is syntactically correct....
Piedra Lubitsch: syntactically?
herman Bergson: but to assume that it also has meaning is way to far ...
Piedra Lubitsch: grammatically is correct
Corona Anatine: the last two words present deep problems
Daruma Boa: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
herman Bergson: syntx is another word for grammar
Piedra Lubitsch: so grammatically is correct
Corona Anatine: yes i was thinking of 'god' and 'exist'
Piedra Lubitsch: since it is a question
herman Bergson: yes...syntactically or grammatically...that is the same in my opinion
Piedra Lubitsch: and no
vladimir Hoxley: colourless green ideas sleep furiously
Piedra Lubitsch: god as showed in religions such as catholic doesn't
Piedra Lubitsch: is a fantasy character
Piedra Lubitsch: to me
herman Bergson: Ahh a classic Vladimir
Piedra Lubitsch: in my humble opinion
Corona Anatine: but that is not 'god'
herman Bergson: Hold on.....
Kai Boissay: i don't think you can say that God only exist Syntactically because that can make us either Agnostics or Atheists, and to be an Athiest i would hope you have reached a higher advanced level in science.
herman Bergson: here some are already talking about "god"/.....
Daruma Boa: its no fantasy. god is something in ourselfves. we are god. in my opinion
Corona Anatine: wel the term has yet to be accurately defined hence 'god'
herman Bergson: In my previous lecture I asked to watch two videos....to make my starting point....
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): we can use the words higher power
Piedra Lubitsch: yes, talking of god as a term, noun
Corona Anatine: that is waffle Dauruma
Piedra Lubitsch: and obviously since it is a word, the idea of it
Piedra Lubitsch: the abstract
herman Bergson: Sorry...but the debate here is not about what you call god at the moment....
Corona Anatine: it is almost as if 'god' had too many meanings
herman Bergson: It is about the fact that you can formulate a question....
vladimir Hoxley: what were the videos hermann?
Daruma Boa: ;-) I always did.
herman Bergson: but that that not automatically implies that the question has meaning
herman Bergson: you can find the links for the videos in the blog...
vladimir Hoxley: ok thanks
Piedra Lubitsch: http://www.britannica.com/search?query=god
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): I watched it and was not that shocked
Daruma Boa: Hooo!! Hooo!! Hooo!!
Daruma Boa: Hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daruma Boa: Hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! eolene
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): the second one that is
Daruma Boa: hi chilli
Corona Anatine: the question is - why is there atheism -that has an easy answer - because not everyone has a pareidolic brain
herman Bergson: ok....then we are done here Corona :-))
Piedra Lubitsch: pareidolic brain, what is that?
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): ♥ LOL ♥
Corona Anatine: well it can be debate as a point made
Corona Anatine: just cos i put forward an idea does not make me correct
Piedra Lubitsch: but what is that?
Piedra Lubitsch: brain thing
herman Bergson: Well...let's stick to the issue of when a question makes sense....what condition have to be met...
Corona Anatine: to do with pareidolia - the seeing of images in other shapes
Corona Anatine: such as jesus in water stains
herman Bergson: as I said....ever thought about the number of answers already assumed by the question "Does god exist?"
Corona Anatine: too many to count i suspect herman
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): of course
Piedra Lubitsch: lolol
Piedra Lubitsch: paranoia
herman Bergson: So to understand this question we first have to dig up the assumed answers
Piedra Lubitsch: non believer here?
Piedra Lubitsch: none a person that is a believer here?*
Daruma Boa: i think also a non believer thinks something
herman Bergson: Whether you believe or not is not the issue here Piedra....
Piedra Lubitsch: thinks what?
Piedra Lubitsch: he suspects?
herman Bergson: philosophically uninteresting....
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): I would recommend that if we cannot attend a class we all read the blog of that previous class b4 we go to the next one
Piedra Lubitsch: I was saying to get another points of view
Kai Boissay: Regardless of what an individual can think of "God" existence, i believe that everyone should have Faith and that is just a great feeling.
Corona Anatine: the problem with believing or not believing in 'god' is that 'god' has yet to be defined so either stance is actually impossible
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): it would clarify some propositions
Daruma Boa: he has others thoughs.
herman Bergson: Good point Gemma....
herman Bergson: seems to be the URL..
herman Bergson: it is :-))
herman Bergson: And one thing is most important....
herman Bergson: you have to have seen the videos
vladimir Hoxley: i think the both the words 'god' and 'exist' are problematic
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): daruma
Corona Anatine: they are
Daruma Boa: ja been crashed
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): yes
herman Bergson: oh yes Vladimir...!
Eolene Uralia: I think quotes make statements mean more
Arabela (aarrabella) is online.
herman Bergson: Can you elaborate onthat Eolene?
vladimir Hoxley: back to kant and his refu
utation of the ontological argument
herman Bergson: We'll get to that Vladimir ^_^
Eolene Uralia: When someone types something and they put in"THIS"  it holds so much more weight with people..  means so much more
vladimir Hoxley: ok sorry
herman Bergson: I see...
Daruma Boa: aloha rodney
herman Bergson: Welcome rodney....in time this time :-))
Rodney Handrick: Hi Daruma
Rodney Handrick: Hey Herman
herman Bergson: But I think that Vladimir said the right thing...
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): hi rodney
Rodney Handrick: Hi Gemma
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): ♥ LOL ♥
herman Bergson: the concepts "god" and "exist" are the problematic ones in the question
herman Bergson: To begin with....
Corona Anatine: does also has its share of problems
herman Bergson: the word god....
herman Bergson: to what does it refer in the question...
Corona Anatine: no one actually knows
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): could be the word itself
herman Bergson: a person, a thing, a supernatural something....but then...what is supernatural....???
herman Bergson: and so on.....
Chilli Cao: a feeling?
herman Bergson: and then "exist"....
Corona Anatine: also more than one meaning of the word 'god'
herman Bergson: does it mean...you can see it, touch it?
herman Bergson: if not in what sense then?
Chilli Cao: spiritual
herman Bergson: if it only exists in my brain...what does "exist" mean then?
Corona Anatine: an unhelpful definition
Eolene Uralia: it is in your heart, vs. your head
vladimir Hoxley: bit like the number 4, does it exist/
vladimir Hoxley: ?
Daruma Boa: it exists for any human, when we think about it
Piedra Lubitsch: lol
Daruma Boa: human
herman Bergson: My heart has no brains Eolene :-)
Daruma Boa: our brain is what we think what we are#
herman Bergson: So you mean that the brain creates existence, Daruma?
Piedra Lubitsch: in fact there was an article recently it said heart functions similarly to the brain
Daruma Boa: it creates our worls
Piedra Lubitsch: so could be another one
Eolene Uralia: 4 with asians, in my city...  people are removing this number 4 frim their address...  there is a fire and the fire and police can not find number 4...  it resembles a symbol of death in Chinese writing
Daruma Boa: that is another question
Daruma Boa: what existance is
Corona Anatine: but if 'god' is just a thing in the mind - how does it differ from imagination
Eolene Uralia: so they removed number 4 on their homes
Daruma Boa: what is the matrix?^^
Piedra Lubitsch: ooh
herman Bergson: Well, I think you get my point...
herman Bergson: we won't answer all questions here...
Mikki Louise Dover (mikkilouise) is online.
herman Bergson: but these are the questions you have to think about
Eolene Uralia: but will you have the answer
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): I think it is going to be hard at every class to not go back to the same questions every time
Corona Anatine: chinese arithmetic must be a nightmare for the superstitious
Daruma Boa: true;-) I do.
herman Bergson: To some extend, I dare to say "yes" Eolene...
Eolene Uralia: I am telling you though, removing 4 from your address has caused a lot of problems...  houses burn and pepple die from this
Eolene Uralia: and maybe go to god
herman Bergson: and again....for that you have to watch those youtube videos...to begin with
Piedra Lubitsch: lol
Daruma Boa: the one with the babies was very interesting
bergfrau Apfelbaum: video 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcJxRqTs5nk 
                                 video 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRvVFW85IcU\
herman Bergson: yes Daruma....very telling too!
Piedra Lubitsch: I can't see the blog link..
herman Bergson: thank you Bergie ^_^
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): i was not that shocked
Daruma Boa: ;-)
Piedra Lubitsch: thank you bergfrau!
CONNIE Eichel is offline.
bergfrau Apfelbaum: and the blog --> http://thephilosophyclass.blogspot.co.at/
herman Bergson: It would be really worrying if you were shocked Gemma :-))
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): lol
Corona Anatine: thanks Bergfrau - saved for later viewing
Rodney Handrick: A TED presentation
herman Bergson: Well...I guess you got homework enough now...:-)
bergfrau Apfelbaum: yw:-)
herman Bergson: So...may I thank you all for your participation again....
Daruma Boa: Tuesday we meet again
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): ty
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): hopes to be here on time
Daruma Boa: thank you herman
Ciska Riverstone: thank you herman
.: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): lot's of homework to do
herman Bergson: See you all next Tuesday again...same time ..same place :-)
herman Bergson: Class dismissed :-)
bergfrau Apfelbaum: ty herman & class!
Ciska Riverstone:
vladimir Hoxley: glad to be back hermann, been a while for me
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): Bye, Bye   
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): for now
herman Bergson: But you are free to stay and talk as long as you like here, of course
Daruma Boa: all of you a happy weekend.
Rodney Handrick: By eGemmas
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): that looks like one of the cake hats
Piedra Lubitsch: for next week, no, man is not good by nature
Daruma Boa: and think about who is god;-)
Piedra Lubitsch: period
Piedra Lubitsch: lolol
Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate): lemon
Piedra Lubitsch: just in case I can't make it
Daruma Boa: +u
Ciska Riverstone: happy weekend
Corona Anatine: who - what surely
Ewa Aska is offline.
herman Bergson: who or what Daruma....the question already implies an answer
Corona Anatine: who assumes 'god' has sentience
.: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): thank you Herman..see you soon
herman Bergson: Vladimir...where did that sentence came from........
Corona Anatine: whereas any god that exists would liklely not share human idea of sentience
vladimir Hoxley: in the end i always end up back to spinoza on the god question
herman Bergson: the one you quoted
vladimir Hoxley: it was chomsky
Eolene Uralia: is this over?
herman Bergson: Yes I can understand that Vladimir
Piedra Lubitsch: bye
Piedra Lubitsch: see you+
herman Bergson: Ahh....I know the sentence....but forgot for m where
Rodney Handrick: bye
vladimir Hoxley: to show that you can have syntactic content without semantic
herman Bergson: exactly!!!
herman Bergson: My point of today ^_^
Corona Anatine: "where is that little fishy"
herman Bergson: That is so funny about the question "Does god exist?"
vladimir Hoxley: glad to be of service hermann ;)
Corona Anatine: an extremely deep three words Herman
Eolene Uralia: vlad, who are you servicing?
herman Bergson: Nobody questions the semantical content of it...
vladimir Hoxley: ooh missus wouldn’t you like to know:)
Corona Anatine: would does god exist ! be better?
Corona Anatine: ! not ?
herman Bergson: It really amazes me.....
Eolene Uralia: I am confused, I thought that this was about god... existing ...  not about servicing avatars.  0-0
Eolene Uralia: o-o
herman Bergson: drop the question and everybody joins in in the debate....
herman Bergson: What do you mean Eolene?
Corona Anatine: not its not about god existing but what the words exist and god even mena to start with
herman Bergson: This is not about god....this is about the syntactic and semantic characteristics of a question and its implications :-)
Corona Anatine: herman as ever takes a step back to see the larger picture
herman Bergson: That is why I asked the question...Why is there atheism? :-))
Corona Anatine: thank you Herman for making a point that has been of interest a lot clareaer
Corona Anatine: *clearer
herman Bergson: I collected up to now more than 11 Gb of documentation for this project :-))
Corona Anatine: there is atheism because that question is problematic
Corona Anatine: is that all you could find Herman [lol]
herman Bergson: So funny....google Does god exist and you get 193.000.000 hits!!!!!
herman Bergson: No corona....I made just a selection :-))
Corona Anatine: : )
Corona Anatine: the question of what is 'god' probably has as many answers as humans on the planet
herman Bergson: Another funny thing in the whole debate is, that it is so Euro-American centered....
vladimir Hoxley: I guess herman in my experience it is atheists who think they understand those words god and exist and reject them, rather than recognise the problems with the terms
herman Bergson: That si my problem Vladimir....
herman Bergson: Because when you do not see the problems with the concepts the whole ensuing debate is nonsense
Corona Anatine: wel a lot of the other areas -for example islam don’t even get near the question
Corona Anatine: while to hindu the concept of a single deity would be fairly meaningless
Chilli Cao: so we are generating questions about the words in the question ?
Corona Anatine: yes
Corona Anatine: that is the idea
herman Bergson: If you ask the question...it is always the christian god which is supposed to be the subject of the debate...
vladimir Hoxley: it is why I actually describe myself as being on the atheistic wing of agnosticism, in the end it comes down to how you live your life
Ruby Rossini is online.
herman Bergson: never Zeus of Jupter or Amon Ra or Vishnu or Brahman
Corona Anatine: does it ?
herman Bergson: so silly
herman Bergson: so true vladimir.....
Corona Anatine: well amon Ra does exist because it was sun worship
Eolene Uralia: ok I am off the phone
herman Bergson: But now and then you read that atheists find agnostics whimpies....
Corona Anatine: although given a anthopomorthic aspect
Eolene Uralia: and now I can partale in this discussion
Ciera Bergman is online.
vladimir Hoxley: i know hermann, and i find them so simplistic
herman Bergson: You can do whatever you like in the debate Eolene...
herman Bergson: lol.....Vladiir...guess we are form the same school
Eolene Uralia: thank you herman, I was just observing your avatar
Eolene Uralia: you could pass for muslim or jewish in  your cartoon appearance
herman Bergson: the way atheists treat the question "Does god exist?" is an example of their simplicity inmany cases :-))
Eolene Uralia: so you have a faith or are you just you
Chilli Cao: but.. they are atheists
Chilli Cao: they would not be called atheists if they didnt have a clear belief in the answer
herman Bergson: In fact Eolene...I am a cartoon of the Prophet.....^_^
Eolene Uralia: which [rofit might that be>
Eolene Uralia: ?
herman Bergson: Muhammed....or what is his name
Eolene Uralia: lol
Corona Anatine: hmm best be careful then herman
Chilli Cao: i say yes, god exists
Corona Anatine: look what happened to that filmmaker
Chilli Cao: and i can prove it by the process of elimination
herman Bergson: I still have my PEN, Corona!!!!!
Eolene Uralia: ok, so I have a question
Corona Anatine: lol
herman Bergson: Go ahead Eolene
Corona Anatine: i can prove god' does not exist mathematically
vladimir Hoxley: absolutely right hermann, and when you debate with them they think you are just woolly. so i then ask them whether mathematics exists and after a while that shuts them up ;)
Chilli Cao: the process of elimination is a mathematical process too
Eolene Uralia: what would you say to this.  someones grandmothers died on their 96th birthday and is burried 3 days later....  on the day of the reception there is a blue light that comes through the window and 18 people see this
Ewa Aska is online.
Chilli Cao: the known "Εις άτοπον απαγωγή"
Eolene Uralia: are they all crazy or is it spititual thing
Corona Anatine: by by process of elimination would only need on emor estep and god is eliminated
Eolene Uralia: was she saying good bye
herman Bergson: Eis atopon apagoge..?
Chilli Cao: its greek for "the process of elimination"
Chilli Cao: reductio ad absurdum
herman Bergson: Sorry...my greek has deteriorated a little Chilli :-))
vladimir Hoxley: Eolene - Hume has the answer to that
herman Bergson: But back to Eolene's question...plz
Eolene Uralia: thank yo chilli. you are clearly a spritual person and kind as well/
Corona Anatine: the blue light could be many things - spontaneous human commbustion for example
vladimir Hoxley: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
Eolene Uralia: and what is your answer. vlad, accoring to hume and yes, please continue herman
Corona Anatine: the same is true for any 'vision' of 'god'
herman Bergson: well Eolene....
herman Bergson: the answer is....the post hoc propter hoc fallacy...
herman Bergson: this means....
herman Bergson: and some people then are ...without reason...inclined to say.....event B was caused by event A....
herman Bergson: that event A happens.....somewhat later even B happens.....
Corona Anatine: 'spiritual' is another word with many problems attached to its meaning
Eolene Uralia: herman, is your first language english?
herman Bergson: No it isn't eolene
Corona Anatine: exactly right Herman
Corona Anatine: a causal fallacy
Eolene Uralia: ok, just checking....  some times I do not understand and wonder if I need to look up words
herman Bergson: Why do you ask...? :-) I smy english so bad? "=_
Eolene Uralia: not bad, just some words do not exist and I wonder if I need to look it up
herman Bergson: ok:-)
Eolene Uralia: I understand if I know that it is not your first language
Ewa Aska is offline.
Eolene Uralia: just saves me some time
Eolene Uralia: :)
Chilli Cao: which word
herman Bergson: Throw all in Google Translate Eolene :-)
Corona Anatine: 'god ' maybe
Eolene Uralia: propeter...  I did not know this word
Corona Anatine: that is a word which if often hard to transalte
vladimir Hoxley: Herman's English is excellent - he is Dutch :) the stuff you are not getting is Greek
herman Bergson: I must admit that I overlooked two annoying errors in my lecture....
herman Bergson: overlooked
Corona Anatine: the bible has about three or four different words all put into english as 'god'
Eolene Uralia: yes it is very good, which is why I thought it was a word I did not know
Chilli Cao: ".the post hoc propter hoc fallacy..." is latin right
Eolene Uralia: not commonly used in english
herman Bergson: oh yes...that was latin....
vladimir Hoxley: the Dutch speak better R
Eolene Uralia: well I never took latin
Eolene Uralia: :-/
herman Bergson: and I transcribed the greek of Chilli :-))
bergfrau Apfelbaum: None of the so-called gods exist, because we can not see/touch them! But it is up to us, to one or more to believe... if we want :-) This is free belief...
vladimir Hoxley: The Dutch speak better English than we Brits
bergfrau Apfelbaum: BRB
herman Bergson: Well Vladimir....
herman Bergson: I am very Americanized....
Corona Anatine: but is belief necessary - does it serve any useful purpose?
herman Bergson: I can watch American movies without any problem...
herman Bergson: But when I watch the BBC for instance I really have to concentrate
bergfrau Apfelbaum: back....
herman Bergson: Such a different english from american english
Peli (peli.dieterle) is online.
Corona Anatine: okies i make a move and go watch the two videos
vladimir Hoxley: That's interesting. when i watched 'The Wire" I had to have subtitles on
herman Bergson: you should corona :-)
Chilli Cao: Corona
Corona Anatine: good session Herman
herman Bergson: thank you :-)
Chilli Cao: i would like to hear your mathematical elaboration on the subject
Chilli Cao: and compare our notes
Eolene Uralia: I remember I had a friend who was very religious...  and he said to me...  this is when Lady Diana Died...  She was so beautiful and such a good person...  it is so sad... he was really upset....  and I said... Mother teressa died and you do not care....  who did more for the world as a good person    I felt this spoke volumes  about peples beliefs...  beauty = sainthood.  mother teressa...  she was not attractive but did good.  who cared?
Corona Anatine: cya again tusday
vladimir Hoxley: Thanks Herman, glad I came again
herman Bergson: There..Vladimir....you got the same problem too then....just the other way around :-))
bergfrau Apfelbaum: yes herman!! ty! was interesting again!! ... I believe in you!
Eolene Uralia: oh the meeting is done?
bergfrau Apfelbaum: ***** HALLELUJA ******
bergfrau Apfelbaum: lol
herman Bergson: Amen Bergie !!!!!!
bergfrau Apfelbaum: hihi or ENTER
Eolene Uralia: hey berg
bergfrau Apfelbaum: enter is the AMEN in the virtual world
herman Bergson: Welll Eolene....you were lucky and got an extra....
vladimir Hoxley: Eolene - I would dispute whether Mother Teresa was good, read Christopher Hitchens on her
herman Bergson: Usually when I say "Class Dismissed" the session is over
Eolene Uralia: herman, let me just say.....  I brought my gun and clothing, to protect you from the christians for your appearance
bergfrau Apfelbaum: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
herman Bergson: And guns arent the favorite attachments here in class :-))
Eolene Uralia: thanks vlad, I will look that up
Eolene Uralia: it has been a most stimulating conversation
herman Bergson: We already saw too much terror coming from those things yesterday
Eolene Uralia: I am sorry I was on the phone for some of it
herman Bergson: Nice outfit, by the way ^_^
Eolene Uralia: yes true herman...  I worried for you and christian retaliation...  just know as a non ,muslim...  I was here.
Eolene Uralia: thank you herman
herman Bergson: You are welcome Eolene :-)
Chilli Cao: thank you for the subject herman
Eolene Uralia: it was a pleasure
Chilli Cao: and the talk :)
bergfrau Apfelbaum: see you all on Tuesday :-)
herman Bergson: The lectures go on chilli
Eolene Uralia: I hope to join in again, when In do not have a phone call
Chilli Cao: are we going to talk about what is god next time
herman Bergson: This is just one of a whole project
herman Bergson: It all will be investigated, indeed chilli
Chilli Cao: ok :)
herman Bergson: Next Tuesday....
herman Bergson: we go on
Eolene Uralia: I do appreciate your avatar herman....  and very timely too

bergfrau Apfelbaum: byebye for now!

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