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70b Friedrich Nietzsche

The philosophical development of Nietzsche can be divided in three phases: the first phase is the period when he adored Schopenhauer and Wagner and the culture of the old Greek. A mix of Schopenhauerian pessimism and Wagnerian heroism.

The Will is for Schopenhauer the principle of life and it is what drives man. But we are at the mercy of this Will. Its restless striving for changes is rather a source of misery than of hapiness. The only way to gain the victory over this will is to concentrate on contemplation of it in a way you could compare with the buddhist approach to life.......

and conquer it by art and music and here Wagner comes in. Wagner was also a man who propagated the Will as the first life energy, but also saw the limitations, so in his operas there was the hero,driven by the will, who accepts his fate and fight for it and eventually dies for it.

Nietzsche's first book was "The Birth of Tragedy" and dealt with Greek tragedies, in which the hero acts selfconfident and powerful, but also has the power to comply to fate, that befalls him.

Man is submitted to powers stronger than he is himself, and to that he has to adjust his will. Yet he has to live in full passion. And here Nietzsche makes the contrast between the Dionysian and Appolonian way.

He celebrates the Greek who, facing up to the terrors of nature and history, did not seek refuge in "a Buddhistic negation of the will" (Appolonian), as Schopenhauer did, but instead created tragedies in which life is affirmed as beautiful in spite of everything (Dionysian).

Here you see that Nietzsche was not just a simple disciple of Schopenhauer, but clearly chooses an other conclusion than the master. Man as the maker of his own exsitence.

In Ecce Homo, a somewhat sarcastic review of his works, written in 1888 and published in 1908, he looks back on his first book "The Birth of Tragedy" (1872) and says: " It smells offensively Hegelian, and it is only in a few formulas affected by the cadaverous perfume of Schopenhauer."

There are several reasons why Nietzsche broke up with Wagner. One was that he had growing misgivings about many of Wagner's pet ideas, such as nationalism and his hatred of the French and the Jews.

An other was his disapproval of the libretto of the opera Parsival. How could Schopenhauer's foremost disciple use Christianity for theatrical effects?!

The true story of Parsival, knight of the Round Table of King Arthur, is that he saw a procession in which people carried the Holy Grale. But because he didnt dare to speak, he missed it.

If you want to see what Wagner did with it and what Nietzsche abhored go to 8 minutes Parsifal:

Before we start our discussion we could insert an 8 minutes break sothat you all can see, what it is all about...

The Discussion

[13:17] arabella Ella: hi herman sorry i am late!
[13:17] arabella Ella: hi everyone!
[13:18] Rodney Handrick: Hi Arabella
[13:18] AristotleVon Doobie: Hello Ara
[13:18] Sage Hartmann was late too
[13:18] Ze Novikov: hi
[13:18] Herman Bergson: So you all have a look at the Tube URL ..and arabella has time to read th enotecard..:-)
[13:19] arabella Ella: what URL and notecard herman?
[13:19] Herman Bergson: I just gave you the notecard of this lecture..:-)
[13:19] Sage Hartmann: ohh could i have one herman?
[13:19] arabella Ella: ty lag sorry
[13:20] arabella Ella accepted your inventory offer.
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[13:20] arabella Ella accepted your inventory offer.
[13:21] Herman Bergson: the others are watching an 8 minutes scene from Parsival on YourTube
[13:21] arabella Ella: could i have the link to that too herman please?
[13:22] Herman Bergson:
[13:22] arabella Ella: thanks!
[13:24] Gemma Cleanslate: i realy do not like this music of wagner ever
[13:25] Rodney Handrick: opera
[13:25] Herman Bergson: Let me know when you have returned from the opera..(^_^)
[13:25] Gemma Cleanslate: i know
[13:25] itsme Frederix: is the BBC doc (I gave the torrent from)
[13:26] Herman Bergson: cool
[13:26] Gemma Cleanslate: it is really excellent
[13:26] Gemma Cleanslate: gave me a different view of the man
[13:26] Osrum Sands: The Light of Life
[13:26] Herman Bergson: the BBC is good...
[13:27] Samuel Okelly: back
[13:27] itsme Frederix: it is more than 20 years old documentary .. but Herman ...
[13:27] Laila Schuman: back
[13:27] Herman Bergson: I think Nietzsche had a pretty sad life
[13:27] Rodney Handrick: watching the BBC version
[13:27] Gemma Cleanslate: very sad
[13:28] Osrum Sands: sends a shiver through me
[13:28] Herman Bergson: I read about his enlisting in the Prussian Artillery...
[13:28] Osrum Sands: or was that the cold morning ?
[13:28] Herman Bergson: He got wounded when he tried to mount a horse..
[13:29] Herman Bergson: that is...he fell with his chest on the saddle knob..
[13:29] Herman Bergson: so he must have been a bit clumsy
[13:29] Gemma Cleanslate: ouch
[13:29] Alarice Beaumont: This was wonderful!
[13:29] AristotleVon Doobie: Back
[13:30] Reisekaufmann Zehetbauer: also back
[13:30] Gemma Cleanslate: yes
[13:30] Gemma Cleanslate: me too
[13:30] Sappho Looming: back
[13:30] Cailleach Shan: Wow. Amazing music..
[13:30] Gemma Cleanslate: not my favorite
[13:30] Cailleach Shan: Go Placido
[13:30] Mickorod Renard: and Ara
[13:30] Laila Schuman: i'm with Gemma
[13:30] Gemma Cleanslate: tooo ponderous
[13:30] itsme Frederix: Wagner is overdone
[13:30] Gemma Cleanslate: dark
[13:31] Sage Hartmann: not everyone's computer is up to youtube and SL at the same time i suspect =)
[13:31] Cailleach Shan: Wonderful bullshit!!
[13:31] Herman Bergson: or Wagner...:-)
[13:31] AristotleVon Doobie: LOL
[13:31] itsme Frederix: better hear R. Straus Zarathustra
[13:31] Osrum Sands: :)
[13:31] Gemma Cleanslate: lolol
[13:31] Mickorod Renard: he fell out with wagner over this and wagners christian leaning?
[13:31] Ap4ch3 Xingjian: 'its too late to give you a laxative for your eternity of troubles' ... lol
[13:32] Herman Bergson: Yes Mickorod...
[13:32] Osrum Sands: I liked that line Ap4
[13:32] Gemma Cleanslate: he walked out on one of the operas
[13:32] Gemma Cleanslate: ill!!!
[13:32] Herman Bergson: the christian symbolism in this scene is so obvious
[13:32] Gemma Cleanslate: from it
[13:32] Gemma Cleanslate: and that was too much for Wagner
[13:33] Herman Bergson: I wonder if we get Ze back in..:-)
[13:33] Rodney Handrick: So he went insane...
[13:33] arabella Ella: sorry herman crashed
[13:33] Alarice Beaumont: never give up hope, Herman :-)
[13:33] Sage Hartmann: wb ara =)
[13:33] Laila Schuman: Wagner demanded complete devotion and adoration...
[13:33] hope63 Shepherd: hope is back too alarice:)
[13:33] Ap4ch3 Xingjian: wagner is banned in israel right?
[13:33] Herman Bergson: Yes he was quite a guy, Laila..:-)
[13:33] Alarice Beaumont: :-) great to see :-)
[13:33] Alarice Beaumont: ;-)
[13:34] Herman Bergson: Ok......back to Nietzsche
[13:34] arabella Ella: my system cant take Youtube and SL together!
[13:34] itsme Frederix: Didn't Nietzsche himself demand complete ... whatever?
[13:34] Gemma Cleanslate: :-)
[13:34] Sage Hartmann: i was just suggesting as much ara =)
[13:34] Gemma Cleanslate: i don't blame it
[13:34] arabella Ella: yea
[13:34] Mickorod Renard: wagner or nietzsche?
[13:34] hope63 Shepherd: well.. most of the time he needed money laila
[13:35] Herman Bergson: Let's stick to the philosophical matters here....:-)
[13:35] hope63 Shepherd: the flying dutchman shall continue :)
[13:35] Herman Bergson: Today we have seen the first stage of Nietzsche's development
[13:36] Herman Bergson: mainly based on the heroism of the Greek hero in the tragedy
[13:36] Rodney Handrick: I'm back...I have to review the other parts of that documentary
[13:38] itsme Frederix: heroism = Dionysius
[13:38] hope63 Shepherd: homer..
[13:38] Herman Bergson: yes Itsme....the passion and will
[13:38] Sage Hartmann: Are his primary objections to christianity of the same sort as buddhism based on ideals of joy and happiness, and that sort of thing? He seems to take a much stronger dislike ofr christianity than of buddhism, no?
[13:38] itsme Frederix: what else can live a life
[13:39] Herman Bergson: Yes Sage....
[13:39] Herman Bergson: His reference to Buddhism is just marginal and relates only to Schopenhauer
[13:39] itsme Frederix: christianyty had that - poor, suffer as good things
[13:40] hope63 Shepherd: he chose zaratrustra for his main work (opr one of).. why?
[13:40] Sage Hartmann: I never thought of schopenhauer's ideas as buddhist; does S make this comparison himself or do others?
[13:40] Herman Bergson: I have to check that out Hope....or actually ..your homework for next class..:-)
[13:41] Mickorod Renard: did u suspect that he had a religious upbringing herman?
[13:41] hope63 Shepherd: lol..if all listen to strauss first...ok
[13:41] Gemma Cleanslate: ah an assignment for one person? Hope??
[13:41] Gemma Cleanslate: go do it
[13:41] Laila Schuman: my opinion on that is that after so much soul searching... he used Z as a kind of way to talk to himself... to give more than one point of view on some things
[13:41] Herman Bergson: yes is a bit the same as with Kierkegaard
[13:42] Rodney Handrick:
[13:42] arabella Ella: but herman in those days they had no choice, christianity was the major religion in europe
[13:42] Herman Bergson: And was Schopenhauer who introduced eastern philosophy to Western philosophy
[13:42] hope63 Shepherd: gemma.. just read my profile..
[13:42] Sage Hartmann: oh wow herman, i did not know that.
[13:42] Mickorod Renard: did u know if this was catholic or luther?
[13:43] Gemma Cleanslate: ??
[13:43] hope63 Shepherd: i'll translate if necessary:)
[13:43] Gemma Cleanslate: clicked on the link
[13:43] Herman Bergson: What is your real question Mickorod?
[13:44] hope63 Shepherd: i could translate.. herman interpret:)
[13:44] Herman Bergson: What is going on Hope?
[13:44] hope63 Shepherd: my ecce homo.. grin
[13:44] arabella Ella: nice hope ... so you r fire too like Nietzsche?
[13:44] Herman Bergson: That's latin and means See the man...
[13:45] itsme Frederix: Zoroaster (or Zarathustra) was a prophet in the time off Lucifer & Ariman - Ariman is a know (bad) guy in Steiners antroposophism
[13:45] Gemma Cleanslate: exactly
[13:45] Mickorod Renard: I was wondering what elements of christianity was his problem? other than all of it
[13:45] Herman Bergson: it was said by I believe a roman soldier standing under the cross and pointing at Jesus....Look at him..with contempt
[13:45] hope63 Shepherd: itsme.. look up history- not steiner..
[13:45] hope63 Shepherd: we talk about nietzsche and the poem i have as profile..
[13:46] itsme Frederix: sorry Hope
[13:46] Osrum Sands: Herman I thought it was more admiration then contempt
[13:46] Herman Bergson: Ok...cancel the Hope discussion...and listen to Mickorods question
[13:46] Herman Bergson: he has a point...
[13:46] AristotleVon Doobie: wasnt nietzche concerned withe the subjugation of the individual by the church
[13:47] arabella Ella: he had very high standards and wanted the individual to think for him or herself not follow blindly was was said
[13:47] Herman Bergson: The question is what kind of christianity was troubling Nietzsche ....Catholic or Lutheran...
[13:47] itsme Frederix: Lutherean - all in south German were
[13:47] Mickorod Renard: he may have been tortured by nuns,,,,some like it some dont
[13:47] AristotleVon Doobie: his family was Luheran wanst it?
[13:48] Herman Bergson: Mickord..plz..:-)
[13:48] arabella Ella: lol ... dont mention nuns
[13:48] Gemma Cleanslate: he went ot a boarding school of Lutherans
[13:48] Cailleach Shan: lol Mick...
[13:48] Sage Hartmann: I thought he also objected to the termination of the judaic prophets - the jews had a system of endless revision of their texts as they kept adding on prophets; the christians said nope it ends here with Jesus. This kind of "nailing down" of one's beliefs I thought was among nietzsche's main objections.
[13:48] Gemma Cleanslate: and was a good student there
[13:48] arabella Ella: interesting point Sage
[13:48] Mickorod Renard: yea sage
[13:49] hope63 Shepherd: but just a point sage..
[13:49] Mickorod Renard: so it was a control problem?
[13:49] Herman Bergson: I think that his main problem with christianity was its ehtics
[13:49] arabella Ella: ethics herman?
[13:49] Herman Bergson: the way it positioned man
[13:49] Herman Bergson: morality
[13:49] Osrum Sands: Christianity or the insitiution called the church Herman?
[13:50] arabella Ella: in what sense herman i mean?
[13:50] hope63 Shepherd: i think voltaire would have agreed with n on the subject..
[13:50] Herman Bergson: no..christianity...
[13:50] Osrum Sands: ok
[13:50] Cailleach Shan: Can you define the Christian ethics Herman?
[13:50] Alarice Beaumont: Didn't Nietzsche believe that a person is responisble for his own fate ?1
[13:50] Alarice Beaumont: destiny?
[13:50] arabella Ella: do you mean the mentality to 'turn the other cheek'?
[13:50] Alarice Beaumont: wasn't that why he had difference with the church?
[13:50] Cailleach Shan: Do unto others....?
[13:50] arabella Ella: or to follow dogma and believe it blindly?
[13:50] Herman Bergson: Yes arabella...
[13:51] Laila Schuman: he delved DEEP into himself ... and found horrid things as well as good things... and he insisted that the beast within was important to acknowledge in oneself... accept and understand
[13:51] Osrum Sands: thats the institution Herman
[13:51] AristotleVon Doobie: love it Laila!
[13:51] Rodney Handrick: That I can agree with Laila
[13:51] Laila Schuman: so to have the church make the kinid of statements about man that it did...would not set right with him
[13:51] Cailleach Shan: Yes... Laila and reach a further dimension.
[13:51] Mickorod Renard: yes me too laila
[13:51] arabella Ella: it seems there are similarities to St. Augustine with the eternal struggle between good forces and evil fores within each individual
[13:51] Gemma Cleanslate: that is what i learned by reading about him ... most of his philosophyh he took outside himself and gave to others
[13:52] Sage Hartmann: Sure Laila, but I think some christians would be ok with that too - along the lines of "hate the sin and love the sinner" - I'm not sure if that gets quite to the root of N's objection imo
[13:52] Gemma Cleanslate: i think it was all self meditation
[13:52] Mickorod Renard: but this shouldnt be a prob with his religious
[13:52] Samuel Okelly: it would be interesting to know if he saw the Church as wilfully subjugating it’s members or whether he saw a fault with the blind unquestioning acceptance of the ppl to what was presented to them?
[13:53] Herman Bergson: In the next lecture I will deal with Nietzsche's ideas on morality and christianity in detail
[13:53] Gemma Cleanslate: I think the former
[13:53] AristotleVon Doobie: ahh, good point Sam
[13:53] Sage Hartmann: cool herman
[13:53] Sage Hartmann: when is that - tues?
[13:53] Laila Schuman: i think it is the blind sheeplike quality of people... who do not think for themselves...
[13:53] Herman Bergson: and also with the famous saying "God is dead' and what this means
[13:53] Gemma Cleanslate: yes Laila
[13:53] AristotleVon Doobie: I think he despised weakness
[13:53] Ap4ch3 Xingjian: he seems to have disagreed with 'the meek shall inherit the earth'
[13:53] arabella Ella: the irony is that Nietzsche's superman would have to take on attitudes which subjucate the masses, the 'sheep' too
[13:53] Gemma Cleanslate: lol but was so weak himself
[13:53] AristotleVon Doobie: the meek will inherit nothing but dirt
[13:53] Rodney Handrick: Define Meek?
[13:54] Gemma Cleanslate: i think that was Elizabeth;s doing
[13:54] Mickorod Renard: yes,,,I think the thought of being humble was more the problem
[13:54] Cailleach Shan: Elizabeth??
[13:54] arabella Ella: meek = humble (as opposed to arrogant or power mongers)
[13:54] Sage Hartmann: indeed arabella! Like his statement that the last true christian died on the cross - he admires jesus but not everyone who followed him I think
[13:54] Sappho Looming: Lutherans believed in grace and N's belief in self-will completely contradicts anything like that, it seems.
[13:54] Rodney Handrick: Everyone is meek when their needs are taken care of...
[13:54] AristotleVon Doobie: his sister was Elisabeth
[13:55] Cailleach Shan: Ah.... got that.. ta.
[13:55] Mickorod Renard: was she older or younger?
[13:55] Gemma Cleanslate: stronger
[13:55] Herman Bergson: two years younger than Friedrich
[13:55] itsme Frederix: she was a bitch
[13:55] Rodney Handrick: Sister seems to have been a racist
[13:55] Mickorod Renard: ok
[13:55] Cailleach Shan: She was younger.
[13:55] Herman Bergson: yes she was..
[13:55] arabella Ella: ty Sage - those who followed Jesus were Human, o too human ... and as jesus said, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak ... and that applies to all of us, each individual
[13:56] AristotleVon Doobie: a german nationalist
[13:56] Mickorod Renard: so maybe he couldnt fight her unless he strove for a position of power,,,superman
[13:56] hope63 Shepherd: nationalist was not limited to germans those days ari
[13:56] Laila Schuman: i think his ill health was a worse problem than elizebeth... not that i am giving her any slack... but his near blindesss and the insufferable headaches... they caused so much difficulty for him in his work and relationships
[13:56] Herman Bergson: No Mickorod..that is the wrong idea about the Overman
[13:56] Osrum Sands: same today, Hope !
[13:57] AristotleVon Doobie: I know but she usurped his writing posthumously to promote her thinking
[13:57] arabella Ella: and his syphyllis too Laila
[13:57] Mickorod Renard: yes,,sorry i know
[13:57] hope63 Shepherd: right o os..
[13:57] Gemma Cleanslate: yes
[13:57] AristotleVon Doobie: I am fearful of the implications of the assertion by some of Nietzches contemporaries that it was philosophical thought that drove hime mad
[13:57] Gemma Cleanslate: i do not think that is true at all
[13:57] Rodney Handrick: I agree Ari
[13:57] hope63 Shepherd: we'll help you ari.. if youi ever get that far:)
[13:57] Cailleach Shan: Too much thinking!!
[13:57] AristotleVon Doobie: I am worried about myself LOL
[13:57] Laila Schuman: he himself states that his philosophical's intensity... would lead to madness...
[13:58] Cailleach Shan: Not enough 'being'
[13:58] Herman Bergson: Keep your head cool all the time Aristotle
[13:58] arabella Ella: it may be partially true Ari due to the fact that he set such high standards, so high they were imposs to maintain especially for a person with ill health
[13:58] Gemma Cleanslate: lolol
[13:58] Mickorod Renard: i have 3 sisters and this is why i am mad
[13:58] arabella Ella: lol
[13:58] AristotleVon Doobie: me too Mick
[13:58] Rodney Handrick: Bless you Mick
[13:58] herman Bergson smiles
[13:58] Gemma Cleanslate: i think it was inherited from his father
[13:58] Cailleach Shan: lol sister data...
[13:58] arabella Ella: i am one of three sisters ...
[13:58] Sage Hartmann: Well, I don't know that there is any need to point fingers to nietzsche's ills... it is quite possible those ills contributed ot his incredibly original perspective building off of the value indemnic to tragedy imho.
[13:58] Gemma Cleanslate: who died almost the same way
[13:58] itsme Frederix: I've none - did that help?
[13:59] Herman Bergson: no it wasnt Gemma...
[13:59] Gemma Cleanslate: no??
[13:59] Laila Schuman: i agree Sage
[13:59] Gemma Cleanslate: and the syphyllis
[13:59] Herman Bergson: Research showed that, according to my documentation
[13:59] hope63 Shepherd: was it syphilis?
[13:59] Laila Schuman: but you cannot ignore the role they played either...for it was substantial
[13:59] Mickorod Renard: Herman ,did u doubt the syphilus?
[13:59] Gemma Cleanslate: so they say
[13:59] Herman Bergson: yes...that too..
[13:59] AristotleVon Doobie: what do you suppose the correlation between his being raised with out male influence
[13:59] Gemma Cleanslate: oh
[13:59] AristotleVon Doobie: and his philosophy
[14:00] Gemma Cleanslate: he had influence
[14:00] Rodney Handrick: STD = equals bad choices
[14:00] Gemma Cleanslate: in boarding school
[14:00] Sage Hartmann: sure laila - but the blame and the praise cannot be disentangled here imho.
[14:00] itsme Frederix: there we go again Nietzsche on the couch
[14:00] Herman Bergson: in the former lecture I told that when the syph bacteria reaches the brain you dye within four years
[14:00] Sappho Looming: If he was physically challenged with illness, his belief in will would be challenged philosophically such that his own incapacity to live what he believed would be maddening.
[14:00] hope63 Shepherd: are we having a lecture about freud and his work or nietzsche?
[14:00] arabella Ella: Rodney ... apparently he only experienced sex once ... and like russian roulette ... hit it rough
[14:00] Mickorod Renard: what drugs did he take Herman?
[14:00] Herman Bergson: Right Hope....!!
[14:00] Laila Schuman: i do not blame or praise... i put the data out there... i am not taking sides
[[14:00] AristotleVon Doobie: Ara ththen that is what drove him drzy
[14:01] Cailleach Shan: lol human chose...
[14:01] Sage Hartmann: arabella - I have heard conflicting accounts of this - some say he never had sex, others say he visisted a brothel on rare occasions - I don't think there is any solid evidence either way.
[14:01] Herman Bergson: SLOW DOWN PLZ..:-)
[14:01] Cailleach Shan: chaos*
[14:01] Herman Bergson: Ok....let's organize this all
[14:01] itsme Frederix: calmo chaos
[14:01] Rodney Handrick: ok
[14:01] Herman Bergson: there is a lot of knowledge and interest among you....really great...
[14:02] arabella Ella: apparently he then spent most of his life infatuated with Wagner's wife ... who was 'untouchable' since she was the wife of his friend
[14:02] Herman Bergson: let's organize the next lectures..
[14:02] Laila Schuman: and lou...
[14:02] Gemma Cleanslate: yes Lou
[14:02] arabella Ella: yes and lou
[14:02] Herman Bergson: the next one will be on Nietzsche and his ideas about christianity[14:03] Sage Hartmann: at the end of his life in the anti-christ herman? or earlier?
[14:03] Herman Bergson: and if I have room I also will deal with the God is dead issue
[14:03] itsme Frederix: without psychotherapeutic nonsens?
[14:03] Rodney Handrick: Oh...the will be a spirted discussion
[14:03] Cailleach Shan: Wow. All that in one hour!!!
[14:03] Alarice Beaumont: ah.. i read about it!
[14:03] arabella Ella: herman will you tell us what your opinion is on Nietzsche's superman and Will to power?
[14:03] Herman Bergson: yes Itsme..this is a philosophy class..we stick to that :-)
[14:03] Mickorod Renard: but what about drugs and sex?
[14:04] Osrum Sands: God is not Dead / she just moved to Aus
[14:04] hope63 Shepherd: i didn't find the blog on N -last lesson--
[14:04] Herman Bergson: Definitely Arabella
[14:04] arabella Ella: nice Os lucky you ;)
[14:04] Cailleach Shan: Yay Os... then she has her holidays in New Zealand...
[14:04] Sage Hartmann: But the uberman deserves a separate class don't you think?
[14:04] Osrum Sands: deffinaetly
[14:04] hope63 Shepherd: and married a crocodile os?
[14:04] arabella Ella: i agree sage
[14:04] AristotleVon Doobie: Yes Herman I need the notes on the first N lecture
[14:04] Rodney Handrick: HA HA HA HA HA
[14:05] Herman Bergson: YEs Aristotle....Iknow...
[14:05] Gemma Cleanslate: poor professor
[14:05] Gemma Cleanslate: lololol
[14:05] Gemma Cleanslate: how many more??
[14:05] Herman Bergson: So ... I suggest.....See you next lecture on continue on Nietzsche
[14:05] Gemma Cleanslate: 40?
[14:05] Gemma Cleanslate: i have not counted
[14:06] Mickorod Renard: thankyou Herman
[14:06] Sage Hartmann: lol i don't know... but nietzsche is huge - and also universally fun in the classroom =)
[14:06] AristotleVon Doobie: Any sugested reading to prepare for next class?
[14:06] Gemma Cleanslate: I hope we all survive including the proffessor
[14:06] Qwark Allen: eheheh
[14:06] Gemma Cleanslate: watch the documentary
[14:06] Gemma Cleanslate: itsme suggested
[14:06] Gemma Cleanslate: it is excellent
[14:06] Mickorod Renard: the bbc?
[14:06] herman Bergson laughs
[14:06] Gemma Cleanslate: yes
[14:07] itsme Frederix: torrent or youtube
[14:07] Herman Bergson: I'll survive Gemma...
[14:07] Mickorod Renard: gotta find that link
[14:07] Osrum Sands: DOnt worry Gemma, Herman loves it
[14:07] Gemma Cleanslate: lololol
[14:07] Gemma Cleanslate: i know
[14:07] Gemma Cleanslate: he thrives on it
[14:07] Gemma Cleanslate: and us
[14:07] Osrum Sands: in fact I think he thrives on it
[14:07] Herman Bergson: Right Osrum....
[14:08] Herman Bergson: it is my Third Life..:-)
[14:08] Alarice Beaumont: lol
[14:08] Gemma Cleanslate: :-)
[14:08] Sage Hartmann: lol
[14:08] Mickorod Renard: how do i find the documentary again please?
[14:08] Alarice Beaumont: 2 not enough Herman???
[14:08] AristotleVon Doobie: a busy man
[14:08] Alarice Beaumont: lol
[14:08] Cailleach Shan: lol Good creation Herman..
[14:08] Laila Schuman: i must run... take care all
[14:08] hope63 Shepherd: well.-. you are still far from a cat herman.. with their 7 lifes
[14:08] Alarice Beaumont: oh.. have to go... thx Herman.. and see you all and tuesday!
[14:08] AristotleVon Doobie: bye Laila
[14:08] Gemma Cleanslate: itsmee has the link
[14:08] Mickorod Renard: bye lail
[14:08] Osrum Sands: cheers
[14:08] Rodney Handrick: Bye Laila
[14:08] Herman Bergson: Yes Hope I am working on the other six
[14:08] AristotleVon Doobie: bye Alarice
[14:09] Mickorod Renard: ok ta
[14:09] arabella Ella: bye Alarice

URL BBC documentary----------------------------------------------

Human__All_Too_Human__Nietzsche__Heidegger__and_Sartre.35745 19.TPB.torrent is the BBC doc
(I gave the torrent of)

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