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780: It's the music.....

If you ask the question what legacy of the 20th century really shaped the 21st century, then it is music.
For us music is so obvious and all around us. You can't enter a mall or restaurant and there is music playing.
Whatever music taste you have, the music is there for you, on CD, Youtube, radio and TV channels, but let's go back to the early 1950s. Such a different world....
No matter how far we trace popular music back in time, its performance has always been limited by the available distribution techniques. 
In the days of sheet music, music groups and party halls, and then of the radio, the impact of the music was relatively limited. 
There was an elite, a group of insiders who decided which music was printed and which groups were allowed to perform in a party hall or on the radio. 
Only after the invention of the full-length record in 1948 by the Columbia Record Company and the introduction of the 'single' 
by RCA  a year later  did the music world, as we now know it, get started. 
Since that time, anyone with a gramophone can play their favorite music at home whenever they want. 
Listening to music had changed. 
At the same time, the new generation of 'other oriented' young people had arrived, ready to take full advantage of this new form of culture. 
The birth of pop music is generally dated between 1954 and 1955 when the black rhythm and blues freed itself from its commercial ghetto. 
Before the Second World War, people spoke about 'racial music'. Don't forget, that in those days the US was a country with racial segregation.
De jure segregation was only outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (!), the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968.
Nevertheless in the 1950s not only did black singers succeed with a white audience, but many white musicians started copying the black styles.
There is an interesting musical story to this. There was this close harmony singers group "The Chords".
They had the luck that they could record a single. The A-side had to be "Cross over the river", but they demanded that their own song would be on the B-side:"Sh-Boom".
The A-side:
The B-side:
B-sides of records were hardly played on radio, but in California there was that DJ "Huggy Boy", who always played the B-sides of singles too.
And when he played "Sh-Boom" of the Chords, he was called by listeners and asked to play it over and over again
That was the moment  Rock&Roll was born.
Record companies, however, were more interested in white customers and in no time there was 
a white version of "Sh-Boom" , sung by the Crew Cuts, released by Mercury Records. Within a week it was in the top Ten,
I really got totally absorbed by the research on this subject and found historical material:
A documentary  about the Chords and their SH-Boom:
A documentary  about the early days of Raock&Roll (in segregated America!):
And really hilarious was this, that is, from our present perspective, but then it seemed to have been the hottest excitement on the dance floor:
Thank you for your attention again :-)
The Discussion

[13:25] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): life could be a dream sweathaert:)
[13:25] oola Neruda: memoriessssssss
[13:25] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): sh-boom
[13:25] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): aaaa this is NICE!
[13:25] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): dancing the Lindy-hop....
[13:26] oola Neruda: there was a scandal when Ricky Nelson sang a Fat's Domino song
[13:26] herman Bergson: yes oola
[13:26] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): ok
[13:26] oola Neruda: Blueberry Hill
[13:26] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): and fats Domino
[13:26] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): Fats
[13:26] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): Fats domino did many great ones
[13:27] herman Bergson: You mean a white ricky sang a song of a black man, oola?
[13:27] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): not heard this group before but I like it
[13:27] oola Neruda: yes... on tv   it was a scandal
[13:27] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): Fats domino is a fav though since long
[13:27] herman Bergson: unbelievable...
[13:27] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): hmm ok
[13:28] oola Neruda: he was soooooooooo "clean cut"
[13:28] oola Neruda: that made it worse...
[13:28] herman Bergson: but what was the scandal there?
[13:28] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): SH BOOOOM!
[13:28] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): nice one
[13:28] oola Neruda: a white guy sining a Black son
[13:29] oola Neruda: sibg
[13:29] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): what was wrong with that Oola
[13:29] oola Neruda: song
[13:29] herman Bergson: Amazing....
[13:29] oola Neruda: segregation.... and attitude of people
[13:29] herman Bergson: There was legalized racial discrimination the US until 1964, Beertje
[13:30] oola Neruda: nods
[13:30] herman Bergson: Blacks were inferior people
[13:30] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): terrible
[13:30] herman Bergson: so they produced inferior music
[13:30] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): in other words white people better have nothing to do with what the black "lowlife" made I guess
[13:30] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): hence the scandal
[13:30] oola Neruda: and when Motown hit...they became very interesting people
[13:30] oola Neruda whispers: but
[13:30] herman Bergson: The trick in those days was that Rhythm & Blues smartly was renamed Rock & Roll
[13:31] herman Bergson: this made it digestible for the whites
[13:31] oola Neruda: nice kids did not play their music...
[13:31] oola Neruda: that really got "rebellion" into gear
[13:31] oola Neruda: then everyone preferred motown
[13:31] oola Neruda: except the adults
[13:32] herman Bergson: Yes... a huge movement emerged in the 1060s.... a counterculture
[13:32] herman Bergson: 1960s
[13:32] herman Bergson: If you are inclined to be pessimistic about homo sapiens....
[13:33] herman Bergson: here we see a change for the good
[13:33] herman Bergson: segregation was abolished
[13:33] herman Bergson: whites like black music today and visa versa
[13:33] oola Neruda: depends on your point of view... if you got the records or danced to the music... you were going to HELL
[13:33] herman Bergson: These were changes for the better
[13:33] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): indeed
[13:33] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): why going to hell?
[13:34] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): i love to dance
[13:34] oola Neruda: it was Black music
[13:34] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): i was a dancer
[13:34] oola Neruda: period
[13:34] herman Bergson: There are still racists in the US....
[13:34] herman Bergson: but much less than in those days
[13:34] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): ah
[13:34] oola Neruda: nods
[13:34] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): hello doesn't even exist
[13:35] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): hell i mean
[13:35] herman Bergson: only bad thing is that the US president isn't without blame in this matter
[13:35] oola Neruda: the music itself was not "polite"... Pat Boone was "Polite and nice"
[13:35] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): well when it comes to music im mostly an all eater, i like everything from classic to psy trance
[13:35] herman Bergson: but he is only a passing phenomenon
[13:35] oola Neruda: yes'
[13:36] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): depends on the mood i want, the classic music played here is perfect for getting the right mood for this for ex
[13:36] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): and a little rock n roll now and then why now
[13:36] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): not
[13:36] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako):
[13:36] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): do you still have trouble with music Oola?
[13:36] herman Bergson: But realize that what you say there Bejiita....
[13:36] oola Neruda: ione issue is that the Black Jazz musicians did drugs... marajuana mostly
[13:36] herman Bergson: for us it is as common as water today.....
[13:37] herman Bergson: but in the 1950s it still had to be invented!
[13:37] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): also that hip hop i dance to lot of black artists there, awesome ones
[13:37] oola Neruda: i remember the day Buddy Holly died... in a field near the town where i lived
[13:37] oola Neruda: the older ...high school kids... had cars and go go out and see the site
[13:38] oola Neruda: i was in 8th grade... did not know anyone who drove... and the parents certainly would not take anyone
[13:38] herman Bergson: Did his plane crash, oola?
[13:38] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): Clear Lake , 3 februari 1959
[13:39] oola Neruda: yes
[13:39] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): ah¨
[13:39] oola Neruda: it was the first time that we had someone die that we all admired.... and it sent a deep silence and even shock through the entire school
[13:39] oola Neruda: we grew up ...jjust a bit... from that
[13:40] herman Bergson: Well.....
[13:40] herman Bergson: We inherited nuclear bombs form the 20th century
[13:41] herman Bergson: but we also inherited the musical wealth we can live in now
[13:42] oola Neruda: Anette Funicello was in movies but Disney would not let her wear anything but a very very modest one piece swum suit..even though the setting was surfers, teens , beach and music
[13:42] herman Bergson: So, my the Youtube gives you a feel of the 1950s we are discussing now
[13:42] oola Neruda: she was singing a "nice" form of "rock"... and was very popular
[13:42] Lente (lentelies.anatine) is offline.
[13:43] oola Neruda: tommy sands too.... very "nice" and "safe"
[13:43] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): after WO11 Europe has to build there houses again
[13:43] oola Neruda: people like that set the stage for the shock of Elvis et al
[13:43] oola Neruda whispers: great balls of fire was :
[13:44] herman Bergson: Elvis is in the Early Rock&Roll documentary....
[13:44] oola Neruda: scadulous
[13:44] oola Neruda: scandalous
[13:44] oola Neruda: supposedly
[13:44] herman Bergson: He was the white guy who could sing the black song in a black style
[13:44] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): :))
[13:45] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): i loved he scandalous performance
[13:45] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): his
[13:45] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): still do:)
[13:45] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): He a legend and never get tired of his music
[13:45] herman Bergson: Watch that documentary and you'll see how scandalous he was
[13:45] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): one of the greatest
[13:45] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): ok
[13:46] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): ok:)
[13:46] herman Bergson: it is really fun
[13:46] Anuska (anuska.loon) is offline.
[13:46] Anuska (anuska.loon) is online.
[13:47] herman Bergson: So...that's your the Youtubes I mentioned today
[13:47] oola Neruda: shock....horror..... going to hell... all of them....!!!
[13:47] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): i will do that
[13:47] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): pff
[13:47] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): nothing can shockme
[13:47] oola Neruda: you had to sneak around to get the music...which made it all the more interestng
[13:48] oola Neruda: can you image death metal .... then?????
[13:48] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): heheh
[13:48] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): that sounds interesting:)
[13:48] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): swedisch black metal
[13:48] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): hehe
[13:49] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): we have a group called Black Ingars making hard rock versions if the swedish dancband group Sven Ingvars
[13:49] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): death metal I mean:)
[13:49] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): and it soo works
[13:49] oola Neruda: one day i was listening to Gene Autrey singing cowboy songs ... the next.... Budd\y Holly... i was going to hell too
[13:50] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): why?
[13:50] herman Bergson: Ok Meet you there oola ^_^
[13:50] oola Neruda: lol
[13:50] oola Neruda: the adults disapproved
[13:50] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): ok next time im gonna learn all of u do hip hop dance battles
[13:50] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako):
[13:50] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): yay Bejiita
[13:50] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): its awesome!
[13:51] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): love it ehe
[13:51] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako):
[13:51] herman Bergson: I am glad you do Bejiita :-)
[13:51] herman Bergson: Guess we have saved the world again today.....
[13:51] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): im the happy party dude sort of
[13:51] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako):
[13:51] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): we sure have
[13:52] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): just turn your amps up and bring it on!
[13:52] herman Bergson: SO...on to the next chance on Thursday ...
[13:52] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako):
[13:52] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): yya
[13:52] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): YAY! (yay!)
[13:52] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): lol Bejiita
[13:52] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): :)))))
[13:52] herman Bergson: Thank you all again for your participation...
[13:52] herman Bergson: Class dismissed :-)
[13:52] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): now im gonna hammer my poor neighbours with some Rammstein before i sleep
[13:52] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): muahaha
[13:52] .: Beertje :. (beertje.beaumont): wow
[13:52] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): cu next time
[13:52] oola Neruda: lol
[13:52] herman Bergson: oh my!

[13:52] Particle Physicist Bejiita (bejiita.imako): hehe

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